Machine Learning Development


Harness the power of machine learning to boost your business productivity, improve customer’s user experience, or even to break in to completely new ventures powered by the virtually unlimited AI and neural networks capabilities.

CupIT provides quality full stack machine learning development services so could you bring in future technologies into your products and startups today.

Machine learning solutions

Computer vision

One of the most promising directions of machine learning is computer vision. We help your software look around and see whatever objects you want it to see and recognize including faces, labels, road signs, objects, and parts. The range of uses is limitless and includes industrial lines, machinery, biometrics, medicine, transportation, augmented reality and more

Pattern recognition

A machine learning development company such as CUP IT can teach your software to read arbitrary patterns to reveal hidden dependencies between input values. This way the software can detect spam messages, read car license plates, assist physicians in establishing a diagnosis, recognize alerting patterns in user’s behavior

Object recognition

With plenty of CPU power in every pocket, object recognition solutions have become more available than ever. Now it is possible to recognize an object, even a moving one with just a smartphone! Machine learning development services are required to create various object recognition and augmented reality software in many industrial and end-user applications

Face recognition

Our ML expertise allows us to build facial recognition functionality into your existing software, or create a face identification solution from scratch. Aside from authentication and biometrics, face recognition finds applications in healthcare for semi-automatic diagnostics of certain diseases or genetic anomalies, or in surveillance systems

Natural language recognition and interpretation

Another trending machine learning solution is voice and speech recognition. Voice assistants become smarter. Chat bots help customers select a product or a service, or even perform the entire task automatically. Our machine learning developers can implement a natural language recognition and interpretation system to build into your web or mobile app

Customer behavior analysis and prediction

CUP IT has developed a range of recommendations systems based on customer behavior analysis through machine learning. Our ML/AI specialists well help you understand the wants and needs of your target audience and suggest the most appropriate content or products to them, based on their past preferences.

Trend analysis and time-series forecasting

Machine learning can be extremely efficient in predicting trends and patterns in the given data using the best-fit models. Time-series forecasting can expose great insights into your business, and helps you to predict future demand of a product or a raw resource based on historic data and current dynamics

Business intelligence

BI development services are here to streamline decision making and facilitate growth in revenues thanks to clear understanding of strengths and weaknesses that are otherwise remain hidden in overall volume of incoming business information. At CUP IT, we can assist with collecting and structuring BI data, as well as with developing a business intelligence solution to cover your needs in risk management, marketing, and business processes optimization

Here is how we solve machine learning tasks

  • Analysis
    At first, we analyze your business needs, goals, as well as available resources and existing requirements and limitations
  • Preparing data
    Then, we collect the data and use machine learning to turn the raw stream of information into something palpable, measurable. We also visualize the data to help you easily see trends and tendencies
  • Model development
    Based on insights provided by machine learning, we can knowingly develop the product: add or modify its features, implement different approaches, shift focuses and priorities and so on
  • Deploying the model
    Next step is to deploy the model and test the product. We review results, gather new data and reiterate if necessary
Machine learning tools and frameworks we use
AWS Machine Learning
Google Cloud
Azure ML Studio
AWS Machine Learning
Google Cloud
Azure ML Studio
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