DevOps Managed Services


While it only seems natural to adopt DevOps methodology in your company, in reality this is not as easy as it sounds. Seamless DevOps integration requires drastic changes in the business culture, and this is something your company might not be ready to.
CUP IT offers DevOps automation services so you reap all the advantages of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery including better developer/IT interaction, shorter app development cycle, and simplified scaling without reinventing the DevOps wheel in-house

DevOps advantages

High-speed development

When introduced, DevOps allows for faster development cycles, prompter release of updates, earlier user feedback, and more efficient business results thanks to CI/CD techniques and microservices infrastructure.

Instant delivery

Present updates and new products to your target audience faster than ever by facilitating the power of continuous development and testing pipelines. Moreover, fast-paced delivery of new app versions can be automated a lot for even more rapid releases.

Better reliability

Continuous monitoring and testing allows you to reveal bugs and potential bottleneck on the fly, while your developers are still working. Not only does this save time on thorough app testing, but also results in higher stability and reliability of your apps in the end.

Easily scalable software

Introduction of DevOps methods into your typical development cycle allows avoiding many pitfalls and guarantees consistence of your software between major versions and during updates. And if you decide to scale up one day, there would be no problems too


Automated management of compliance and policies during your app development means an update will not create unforeseen breaches in your app’s security. DevOps techniques guard the safety of your data and network as well as manage id security, and prevent attacks

Simplified collaboration

As a DevOps development company ourselves, we know very well this key advantage of adhering to the DevOps ideology. It streamlines information sharing and brings together development and IT ops workflows through extensive use of specialized tracking systems

Why order DevOps automation services at CUP IT

At CUP IT, we have a dedicated development team of DevOps developers trained, certified and experienced in CI/CD practices who knows the ins and outs of all popular DevOps and agile development platforms

Here is why you should consider hiring CUP IT for DevOps managed services:.
10+ years of expertise
Whatever cloud app development platform you prefer, our specialists know it like the palms of their hands. Delegate DevOps to us and we’ll make sure you’ll benefit the most from it
No need to invest into staff or infrastructure
DevOps managed services provided by CUP IT have a certain advantage: you don’t have to spend your budget onto implementing the entire DevOps paradigm in your company
Spend your human and tech resources the way you want
With managed services, you can start any initiative you want. No need to allocate personnel for DevOps specifically distracting them from other tasks that are important for your goals
Faster switch to DevOps
Thanks to our competence, you can embed DevOps methods to your product pipeline faster and start enjoying the benefits of them without a long transition period that requires a lot of attention and resources

DevOps platforms we are skilled in

Once a cloud hosting provider, now Digital Ocean offer a whole lot of DevOps functions and capabilities while remaining affordable and developer friendly. And CUP IT DevOps experts feel like at home in this ocean

Digital Ocean

Here are some examples of web development

AWS is arguably the best cloud app development platform. Among everything else, it offers a number of comprehensive DevOps services: AWS Computing, AWS Security, AWS Monitoring & Support and 150+ more we can also easily handle

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive cloud computing platform that brings in DevOps services to cross-platform applications. Yes, Azure is a strong platform, but CUP IT has all the expertise to successfully compel this strength to your will


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