Development of Legacy Systems


Our dedicated team of developers helps you to solve any challenge with your legacy business systems you may have, whether you want to migrate to a contemporary solution without hassle or need to maintain your existing one

While a legacy system is not always literally old or outdated, sometimes you have to think about modernizing your existing business solutions in order to stay ahead of competition, remain compliant, or to ensure security of your data

Why upgrading your legacy system may be a good option

CUP IT offers development of legacy systems for more than 10 years already, so we know ins and outs of the technology perfectly. We can also perform turnkey migration of your legacy system to a modern solution. And there are compelling reasons to consider that even if you are satisfied with your legacy system for now

If you sell your products to any governmental institution, you should always take into account compliance requirements. The overall government sphere is highly regulated, so federal buyers often require contractors to meet certain specifications – ones a legacy system simply cannot provide. CUP IT guides you through the painful migration process with minimum hassle and makes sure the new system is 100% compliant

Compliance issues

Another common drawback for legacy system is low security. Not because such system initially were unsafe, but because new weaknesses are found everyday, and sticking to an older web app or software literally increments your risks to fall victim to a cyber crime, day by day. Modernization of a legacy system eliminates existing and potential breaches in your security landscape, so you can work safely

Performance issues

Sometimes your legacy system cannot withstand the test of time, and the performance start degrading. Whether is this due to increased loads, or because your business is becoming more popular, you need to address the issue as fast as possible. There are a few ways to do this: migrate, rebuild the code, upscale resources. What’s common between them is that CUP IT can handle all of these for you

Drawbacks in business logic

As your business grows and transforms to meet ever changing requirements, your legacy back end and front end systems may hinder your progress. Upgrading the business logic and the way you deal with products, logistics, finances, or customer relation can do wonders to the overall output and performance of your business


CUP IT can help you with development of these legacy systems:
We can help you put your legacy web solutions onto the rails of powerful contemporary platforms. We guarantee preservation of all crucial information including order data, personal information, statistics and more

Web applications and services

Here are some examples of web development
If you have to manage thousands of client records in some legacy CRM system, we can help you too. Whenever you feel your legacy solution does not meet compliance requirements anymore, or your personnel faces difficulties using it, it is time to upgrade. Contact us if you need consultation on legacy CRM migration


Legacy CRM

Have you ever faced the need to urgently make changes to the part of an application that was coded in late 2000-s by an unknown dude that is no longer working in your company? What if your crucial business software is written on COBOL? Migrating legacy code requires a lot of effort, but the good news is you have CUP IT to delegate this task to

Legacy code

Whether it is an abandoned third-party solution, or a set of various hand-stitched software tools, libraries and platforms, CUP IT is here to back you up. We can develop a unified solution based on the best development technologies and platforms that will be easy to maintain and update in the future

Legacy software

Legacy UX/UI

Just like everything else, user interfaces evolve with time. CUP IT delivers expert services in adapting legacy UI/UX to contemporary usability standards, no matter if it’s a web app, or a mobile app, or business software
Moving large amount of data from a legacy database platform like FoxPro to an up-to-date solution (MySQL) is a complex and non-trivial task that requires maximum diligence and expertise. Delegate this work to professionals to retain your data and safely upgrade
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