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Whether you are planning a startup or a long-term project, a dedicated development team is a way to get an excellent top-notch software product without overpaying for development, while retaining full control over the process
That’s what CUP IT does. We lend you our app developers, QA engineers, UX testers as well as analysts, team leads and a project manager to help you put any front end or back end application into action. The highest development standards and 100% trackable dedication to your task are guaranteed

What is Dedicated Development Team (and why you may need one)

Dedicated team is a way for businesses to perform software and app development by outsourcing development of products or parts of it to a team of software developers.

Compared to hiring developers in-house, Dedicated Team has a number of advantages.
Easier access to great developer talents
Indeed, instead of spending time and effort to finding, interviewing, and training your own developers, you immediately get a team of seasoned professionals ready to jump in to your project. For example, at CUP IT all our developers have at least 7 years of experience.
Lower costs
By cooperating with a software development company, you can reduce overall development expenses. Dynamic teaming helps you avoid unnecessary spending on specialists that have little or no work right now
Save time. Remain flexible
Experienced professionals in app development, UX design, and automated testing equipped with appropriate tools save a lot of your time. And flexibility of dedicated development makes it a great choice for projects with quickly changing requirements. No more developer shortages!
Redistribute work force to other key activities
While a Dedicated Team of developers does what you want them to do, you can focus on other aspects of your business: marketing, sales, customer relations etc. CUP IT will take care of the entire project, from setting objectives and defining milestones to full stack development.
You keep your business small
By delegating development to remote software developers you keep your own headcount within bounds, which may be crucial for participating in government programs, receiving investments, or paying taxes. After all, why being big? It’s more important to be efficient
Simplifies resource management
With a roomful of in-house developers, you face the need to manage them all. On the other hand, a dedicated team is agile, flexible, and easily adapts to immediate needs. This allows for simpler resource management, better predictability of your business, and overall stability.
Why choose CUP IT Dedicated Team Services
Our expertise allows us to undertake a project of any complexity. Every single member of our dedicated team is a professional possessing deep knowledge of technologies and development methods. CUP IT delivers extra quality Dedicated Team services for more than 10 years!

10+ years of experience

Here are some examples of web development
With deep knowledge of established and trending techs, CUP IT can deliver quality in any field of software development including web apps, cross-platform software, Big Data, databases, mobile apps, UX design and more

Bleeding edge technologies

Leverage our dedicated development team to run full stack development of the most complex solutions in your future or existing portfolio. Front-end and back-end development, UX/UI design, QA testing, software development project management – CUP IT takes care of everything

Full stack development

Adaptability to your needs is a principal value for CUP IT. That is why we offer complete Fullstack Dedicated Development Team services including recruitment services, employee retention, project management, and juggling specialists between tasks. The result? Smooth development process and timely milestones

Complete services

CUP IT team can work solely on your project, or join your developers to lend a helping (and strong) hand to them. Either way, it’s like injecting some nitro directly into your company’s software development engine

We work independently or as a part of your team

Technologies we use

HTML5 • CSS • JavaScript • Angular • React.js
Java • Python • PHP • JS • MySQL
Desktop software
C++ • C# • Qt • Python
Azure • AWS • Digital Ocean
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