Development of Integrated Software


Seamless integration to business processes
Strict compliance to specifications
Remote deployment
Seamless integration to business processes
Strict compliance to specifications
Remote deployment
Plus, we can remotely install any third-party software including complex ERP or supply chain management solutions like SAP, Microsoft Power BI or Salesforce (Tableau)
With over 10 years of experience behind, CUP IT is capable to develop software of any complexity and seamlessly build it into your existing infrastructure, whether it is a CRM system, an ERP system, business intelligence tools or databases, or all of the above

CUP IT delivers integration services your business deserves

Our expert developers can help you connect the dots and make all of your business intelligence software speak the same language. Based on your business needs, requirements and technical specifications we will build the required software from scratch or adapt third-party software, and integrate it into your processes.

Here is what we can do:

Integrate multiple solutions into one ecosystem

With a scattered set of tools, apps and software – both third-party and custom – each doing its own job, it could be hard to synchronize the data and guarantee smooth workflow of business process. Not to mention potential complexities when one or more of these parts fails. Thanks to CUP IT you integrate all individual solutions you have into a unified and straightforward ecosystem that’s easy to use, manage, and upgrade.

Implement various integration types

Vertical integration of software allows you to control different aspects of your business using one consolidated dashboard. Horizontal integration allows you to re-use the same apps, tools and web services for different business processes and hence save your resources. CUP IT software developers can help you with any type of integration, by developing or deploying custom or third-party solutions be that a mobile app, web service, API, or a framework.

Software development based on provided specs

Embodying specific requirements to business software into particular web services, mobile applications, desktop software or API is a complex task one should delegate to professional developers only. CUP IT specialists carefully examine your specifications and requirements and develop a system fine-tuned exactly to your needs and wants that evenly integrates into your business processes.

Enterprise app integration

CUP IT integrated software services allows you to integrate enterprise applications of various kind into your business logic to facilitate better communication between units, increased performance on all levels, and better resource management. We can integrate CRM, ERP, CMS, EDI systems as well as business intelligence, reporting and marketing solutions.

Data integration

When the data crucial for your company’s functioning are scattered across multiple databases and database formats, you end up with a system that not only underperforms, but also is hard to maintain and upgrade if necessary (i.e. for security reasons). We can deal with data integration tasks easily. CUP IT consolidates multiple data arrays under the hood of a contemporary Database Management System while ensuring integrity, consistence and safety of your business information.

Remote deployment

Our developers can remotely deploy SAP software, a knowledge base, or a specific business intelligence system you may need to manage your supply chain, financial planning or customer behavior analysis tasks. Remote deployment means you save time and the budget, while still receive a professional solution integrated to your existing infrastructure and perfectly in sync with other parts of the system.

Technical support

Development of integrated software does not end after we finished with the code and deployed the result to your business infrastructure. Your business is a living being, so whenever something changes in the business processes or your goals and purposes, the software must adapt. That is why we, at CUP IT keep our finger on the pulse and provide prompt technical assistance if you need to quickly make changes, upgrade versions, customize the software, or integrate a new app in the family with it.
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