Clutch Bestows Game-Changer Rank to CUP IT

Established in 2011, we at CUP IT, have taken on countless challenges and projects o help businesses bring in profit and reduce costs. We are a unique team filled with passionate people that are known for our customer service and quality of work. Since our inception, we’ve strived to deliver the best solutions because we believe that our clients only deserve the very.
Their stamp of approval and support helped us make waves in the industry. In fact, it’s because of them that we’re highly rated on Clutch, a reviews and market research platform that helps browsers navigate different B2B sectors. The site guides potential corporate clients, connecting them with reliable service providers from the IT, design, marketing, and business services scenes.
According to Clutch, CUP IT is among the game-changing IT outsourcing companies in Turkey. The honest testimonials provided by our clients on our vendor profiles helped us showcase our craft and get this amazing distinction.
With more than a decade in service, we can truly say that our clients are the reason why we continue pushing to grow and improve our services. We attribute this feat to their phenomenal support. Thank you so much to everyone who entrusted us with their exciting projects. It’s a massive honor for us to be your go-to partners for everything IT.
They are quick to respond and provide answers to my questions. The unique part I suppose that all tech specialists are interchangeable, we were sure that nothing can influence the end result.” — CEO & Founder, Kleiman Consulting
“Their PM is really a great guy, he always had answers to all our questions. All their tech specialists were interchangeable. We were sure that nothing could badly influence the end result.” — CEO, Digital Advertising Agency
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