The Role of User Experience in Android App Development Services


Can you think of yourself without a mobile device today? There are over 15 billion mobile devices in the world. Nearly half of them are Android devices. A whopping 7 million of applications are available for users, with even more to come. Awesome. But how many of those apps are really easy to use? How many of them bring the truly best user experience? And what is the role of UX in Android app development services? Let’s find out.

What is UX?

The term UX refers to the overall user experience a user has while interacting with an application. It encompasses all aspects of the user's interaction with the app, including the design, functionality, ease of use, and overall satisfaction.

Put this simply: UX is what you see and feel when you use the app.

Needless to say, a good design of the app makes the user experience better. It enhances your interaction with the app and pushes you to perceive the app as more responsive and better match your needs.

Why UX is important

The importance of a well UX design seems obvious now, but in fact, merely 10 years ago, very few app developers made it a priority. With the growing popularity of mobile devices and more intense competition, developers started to prioritize UX design to create as simple and enjoyable apps as possible.

Indeed, a good UX is important for a number of reasons, to name a few:

Simplified interaction

A well-thought-out user interface allows a user to accomplish the same task faster, with fewer gestures. Such intuitive designs are a pledge of positive UX, which encourages customers to keep using the app over and over and fulfilling their goals thanks to your application.

Increased engagement

An engaged user is willing to support the application and other users. Engaged users are a driver of the app’s community; they often provide valuable feedback. Also, increased retention means the user tends to use the application more often. And user engagement in mobile gaming is priceless.

Positive reviews

Well-designed apps with good UX often receive positive reviews. Users recommend them to their friends and family and therefore expand the outreach of your Android app for free – you save on marketing efforts! On the other hand, negative reviews can literally bury your beloved application alive.

How to develop Android apps with good UX

A common misconception about UX/UI design development is that you can add it to the app later, like icing on the cake, when the development is over. In reality, UX design is quite the opposite. The contemporary approach to Android app development is UX-centered development.

While every app is unique, and its user interface is closely tied to the functionality of the application, we still can outline several basic principles that a developer must take into account when developing UX-centered apps:

  • Standard UI elements. With an abundance of apps on the market, a user expects to see the same or similar controls in every app he or she routinely uses. Forcing a user to get used to some new way of performing typical tasks (as long as there are standard UI elements, of course) is generally a bad idea. Adhere to best practices in your industry.
  • Responsiveness. The idea of a responsive app is that it must always react to what a user does, provide some real-time feedback, or at least display what it does now if it is busy. Non-responsive UI breaks the typical user flow and leads to the user's annoyance.
  • Consistency. The UI of the app must remain consistent in terms of design, functions, and style to support a unified user experience. A consistent app is predictable. With it, a user always knows what to do next and how to do this and never feels lost. Also, consistent apps imply similar ways of doing similar things in various contexts.
  • Accessibility. A good UX must remain good even for people with disabilities. The developer of an Android app must make sure every function is accessible to, say, color-blind people. If that’s not possible directly, alternative ways to access the function must be provided.

In addition, developing a good UI implies you should clearly understand the needs of your target audience. So conducting user research is a must if you want to make sure you know the pains of your audience well enough.

Finally, the application's beta should be tested in real usage scenarios. Real-user testing is necessary to locate hidden UX or usability problems and improve the app accordingly.

How to choose Android app development services

determining the future success or failure of the application. Which leads us to an even more critical question: how do you select an Android app development service with respect to the importance of the UX design?

Indeed, this is a non-trivial task, so you need to hire pros to develop a genuinely UX-centered and well-designed Android application. How do you know if an Android development service company is a pro?

When choosing app development services, it is essential to consider the company's experience and its expertise, specifically in UX design. Look for companies with a strong portfolio of well-designed apps demonstrating a deep understanding of user needs and expectations.

It is also essential to choose a company that is committed to user-centered design and has a process in place for conducting user research, designing intuitive interfaces, and testing the app with real users.

In addition, consider the company's approach to project management and communication. Look for Android app development services with a transparent and collaborative approach to project management. Responsiveness to your needs throughout the development process is also vital.


Overall, the role of user experience (UX) in developing Android apps is hard to overestimate. Today’s trend of making everything around us more and more personalized and user-centered sets the quality bar for all Android developers. Hence, following the best practices of UX design is an essential contribution to the further commercial success of the application.

CUP IT has been offering Android app development services for more than 10 years now. Our commitment to UX-centered design principles allows you to have an Android app that is both successful and user-friendly.